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Hi, I am a London based freelance advanced person trainer. I’ve been personal training people well over 8 years. I am passionate about what I do an only have my clients best interest at heart. I am here to do one thing, which is to get you to your fitness goals.

I came into this fitness industry wanting to change people life’s by training people mentally and physically. I was once over weight out of shape and not feeling happy in life. I then decided to do something about it.

I was 19 stones and reduced my self down to 15 stone lean muscle. Today I can say to my self hard work pays off.

I went through blood sweat and tears to get to my fitness destination. I know what it takes and how it feels for those who are wanting to achieve results. I love fitness, my training now consist of boxing, cross-fit and some callisthenics. A combination of all 3 brings a challenge.

Personal Fitness Training london

mens personal fitness trainer service


Guys I’m here to help. Are you looking for a personal trainer that’s going to get you in the best shape of your life. What ever you are trying to achieve i will help you accomplish it. You may want to build muscle, lose weight, get more fit or even looking to boost your confidence,

Hungry Fitness will deliver. My service is bespoke where by i tailored an effective programme base upon what you are trying to achieve. Guys less not hesitate book your free assessment now what have you got to lose.

womens personal fitness trainer service


Ladies are you looking to get into the best shape of your life within 12 weeks on one of Hungry Fitness programmes? Hungry Fitness will help you build the body you are looking for.

We specialise in legs, bums and tums. We also specialise in weight lost, general fitness, muscle building and creating you the effective diet plan to go with your training. Book your free assessment so we can tailor the best plan for you.

kids personal fitness trainer service


Arranging personal training for kids is a great investment for the wellbeing. We know how important it is these days to keep your kids active. Hungry Fitness coaching will get your kid fit, build the energy levels and also build the confidence. We coach boxing, running, football and more.

One to one sessions will enhance your child fitness weather the play a particular sport or not. Why not book your kids free assessment now.

group class fitness training service

group class Training

If you are looking to get fit, tone up or want to know how to perform certain exercises. one of our classes will be great for you. Sign up for your free assessment now.

I specialise in weight loss, bodybuilding, callisthenics, plyometrics, strength and conditioning and boxing.

weight loss

weight loss

We make sure that you lose weight correctly and safely. We aim to get you to your fitness goals as quickly and safely as possible.

body building

body building

If you are trying to build that desired physique, we will tailor an effective programme that you will start seeing results pouring in. You might just want to be bulky or just lean or perhaps have a little of both. Hungry fitness will achieve that for you.



This training can be challenging for the beginners but can be easily picked up this training consist of explosiveness this means your fast twitch muscle will be in motion when carrying out these particular workouts.


Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is great as it helps individuals get the muscles strong and also have a level of conditioning for the purpose of physical performance. Strength and conditioning is also good for the reduction of injury, boost performance and a increase of metabolic rate.



One of the best workouts you can find in fitness. Boxing is a full-body workout. Great work out for losing weight, gaining boxing skills and self-defence. Boxing is a good cardiovascular exercise.

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If you are suffering from medical conditions such as hypertension, chronic heart disease and etc. Hungry Fitness can help reduce your medical condition through exercise. Hungry Fitness will design, monitor, adapt and implement exercise programmes for clients with a medical condition. Why not come on board with Hungry Fitness and let us help u become healthier

Hungry Fitness does group training, one to one personal training, online training and classes.

The classes we do is (HIIT) High-intensity interval training, boot camp and boxercise.

one to one training

one to one training

This is great as you will have a personal trainer tailor a programme for you and guide you through it. Having a personal trainer will show you how to train properly.

online training

online training

Online training is great for those who can’t afford to get themselves to the gym and have not got alot of time on the hands. Online training is great for those who are away from the personal trainer, and still needs some guidance in training and also support. We train our clients through various different apps. We will select the best app for you.

fitness classes

fitness classes

Classes are great for those who like to train together and also great for beginners. We will make sure you learn and obtain the results you are looking for. If you are looking to get your workout done in no more then 45 minutes then our classes will be the best for you. Our HIIT is 30 minutes long, our Boot camp is 45 minutes long and our boxercise is 45 minutes long. What are you waiting for, Come and join today.

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fitness training

I offer a range of personal fitness training sessions for:


Mens Fitness Training


Womens Fitness Training


Kids Fitness Training


Group Fitness Training

omar fagan fitness training

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

After I had my second child, I expected the weight to fall off like it did the first time. But eight months later, I was probably bigger than when I gave birth. I knew I had to make a change. So I incorporated the help of Hungry Fitness and I can’t praise Omar enough. He’s everything you would want in a personal trainer. He’s encouraging, enthusiastic and energetic. He believes in you (probably more than you believe in yourself) and knows exactly what to do to get the best out of you. I’m so happy that I am on this fitness journey with him! Slowly but surely my ‘mum tum’ is disappearing and my confidence is growing; and it’s all thanks to Hungry Fitness!

Bianca Mitchell

Before joining Hungry fitness, I hated my life, I didn’t like the way I looked . However after training with Omar something hit me and I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of working out. I made a promise that I will become fit I am seeing great results I feel great and although I’m not yet finished I’m glad I started. All thanks to Hungry fitness.

Khoyrul Miah

I was able to lose lots of weight. Thanks to the help of Hungry Fitness. Omar pushed me to reach my fitness goal and I feel less conscious of my body weight. I am now stronger and more mobile. I feel a lot more confident than ever.

Without the help of Omar I would have never accomplished the results I have today. Thanks to the help of Hungry Fitness.

Ali Absar

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