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Before any training is undertaken. Hungry Fitness will like to understand your vision and what it is you want to achieve. This gives us an understanding of how we are going to arrive at your goal. This is a great way to work with each other as Hungry Fitness is in tune with your desires mentally and physically.

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We will effectively personalise you a training programme, Hungry Fitness will take into consideration both your goal and your current fitness level. We will also take into account whether or not your training plan will need to be adapted due to any injuries or health conditions.

Your plan will include what days of the week you’ll train, which will help establish the all-important habits and routines that will enable you to succeed. Dont forget Hungry Fitness also offers mobile personal training and group training at your convenience, having a mobile personal trainer is great as you will benefit from Hungry Fitness bringing the service to you.

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Hungry Fitness brings remote training to your doorstep. Remote training can be effective for those who like to be trained via technology. Remote training is very effective for those who want a service from a phone, tablet or a laptop.

These are just some of the devices you can utilise to train from. All it takes is for you to download the app that we use and we can get you started. Remote training will entail live sessions with Hungry Fitness which means, is almost like having your personal trainer in person. The live session is great as we can guide you in performing the exercise correctly and effectively. You won’t be left alone, Hungry Fitness is with you on your fitness journey every step of the way.

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 Nutrition is the biggest part of it all. A lot of us don’t understand how much nutrition counts towards our fitness goal. When you come on board with us we will create a personalised diet plan. Diet plans is important as we have to be sure of how much food and liquids you are consuming.

A diet plan creates structure in your diet for this reason it is very important that you follow a diet plan.
Diet plans can do many things for you. But one of its key purposes is to eat healthy and nutritiously.

Hungry Fitness will personalise you a bespoke diet plan. We will assess your diet plan every 6 weeks. We do so because we may have to tweak and change certain things in your diet to accomplish the results you are looking for.

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We will evaluate and have meetings. This might be over the telephone or in person.

This is great, as it helps you to understand your progression and the results your achieving. Hungry Fitness does evaluation processes every 4 to 6 weeks subject to what you are trying to achieve evaluation can be done earlier.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I was able to lose lots of weight. Thanks to the help of Hungry Fitness. Omar pushed me to reach my fitness goal and I feel less conscious of my body weight. I am now stronger and more mobile. I feel a lot more confident than ever.

Without the help of Omar I would have never accomplished the results I have today. Thanks to the help of Hungry Fitness.

Ali Absar

Before joining Hungry fitness, I hated my life, I didn’t like the way I looked . However after training with Omar something hit me and I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of working out. I made a promise that I will become fit I am seeing great results I feel great and although I’m not yet finished I’m glad I started. All thanks to Hungry fitness.

Khoyrul Miah

After I had my second child, I expected the weight to fall off like it did the first time. But eight months later, I was probably bigger than when I gave birth. I knew I had to make a change. So I incorporated the help of Hungry Fitness and I can’t praise Omar enough. He’s everything you would want in a personal trainer. He’s encouraging, enthusiastic and energetic. He believes in you (probably more than you believe in yourself) and knows exactly what to do to get the best out of you. I’m so happy that I am on this fitness journey with him! Slowly but surely my ‘mum tum’ is disappearing and my confidence is growing; and it’s all thanks to Hungry Fitness.

Bianca Mitchell

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